Signed Agreements

Listed below are the previously signed agreements since the talks started in 1992.
To view the description and overview of each agreement, click here.



1. Hague Joint Declaration (September 1, 1992 – The Hague, The Netherlands)

2. Breukelen Joint Statement (June 14, 1994 – Breukelen, The Netherlands)

3. Joint Agreement between the GRP and the NDF on Safety and Immunity Guarantees or JASIG (February 24, 1995 – Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)

4. Agreement on the Ground Rules of the Formal Meetings between the GRP and the NDF Panels (February 26, 1995 – Nieuwegein, The Netherlands)



1. Joint Agreement on the Formation, Sequence, and Operationalization of the Reciprocal Working Committees or RWC Agreement (June 26, 1995 – Brussels, Belgium)

2. Additional Implementing Rules Pertaining to the Documents of Identification (June 26, 1996 – The Hague, The Netherlands)

3. Supplemental RWC Agreement (March 18, 1997 – Breukelen, The Netherlands)

4. Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law or CAR-HR/IHL

5. Additional Implementing Rules of the JASIG Pertaining to the Security of Personnel and Consultations in Furtherance of the Peace Negotiations (March 16, 1998 – The Hague, The Netherlands)

6. Joint Agreement in Support of Socioeconomic Projects of Private Development Organizations and Institutes (March 16, 1998 – The Hague, The Netherlands)

7. Joint Statement (March 9, 2001 – Utrecht, The Netherlands)

8. Oslo Joint Communique (April 30, 2001 – Oslo Norway)

9. Joint Statement to Resume Formal Talks in the GRP-NDF Peace Negotiations (January 13, 2004)

10. Oslo Joint Statement (February 14, 2004 – Oslo, Norway)

11. The Second Oslo JOint Statement (April 3, 2004)

12. Statement by the Joint Monitoring COmmittee (April 15, 2004 – CBCP, Intramuros, Manila)

13. Statement by the Joint Monitoring Committee on the Opening of the Office of its Joint Secretariat (June 4, 2004)

14. GRP Panel Communique (June 25, 2004 – Rica Holberg Hotel, Oslo, Norway)


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