15-21 February 2011

February 15

I.    Opening Ceremony

– Opening Address of the RNG
– Exchange of Credentials/ Intro of Panels
– Opening Statements of the Panel Chairpersons

II.    Reaffirmation of all Signed Agreements

III.    Suggested Timeframe for the Resumed Negotiations

16-18 February

IV.   Convening of the RWCs on SER to discuss the agenda, mechanics and schedule

V.     Working Groups to discuss the concept, mechanics, schedule, and interphasing with the RWCs-PCR

VI.   Reconvening of the JMC of CARHRIHL

19-20 February

VII. For Panel Plenary Discussion/Decisions

– Reports on JASIG Issues, Prisoners and Detainees, and CBMs
– Report on JASIG List of DI Holders
– Report of RWCs-SER
– Concept on WGs on PCR
– Report of the JMC

21  February

VIII.   Issuance of Joint Communique/Closing Ceremony/Press Conference

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